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Carports Outlet of Texas offers 100% Texas-made metal carports, RV covers, metal garages, metal horse barns, and metal buildings! Our success comes from our guarantee that our carports are all created and built in the USA. The 130 MPH wind warranty we give our customers is also what makes us stand out from the rest. 

You deserve a metal building with the best value and long-term return on investment. This is why we have highly trained expert consultants who can help you make the best decision for your metal garage needs. We can assist you in choosing the type of building that will fit your needs. Talk to our consultants about sizes, color, dimensions, and custom styles. 

When it comes to metal carports, RV covers, metal garages, metal horse barns, metal buildings, Carports Outlet of Texas will not let you down. We have years of experience in this business. Our satisfied customers can attest to the high-quality standards of the buildings we make. Quality is our top priority. We build metal carports that last! Get in touch with us,  give us a call or request for a Free Quote. Our team is ready to discuss options with you anytime!

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carports, RV covers, DFW


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carports, RV covers, DFW


carports, RV covers, DFW


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More and more people are choosing steel and metal garages as extensions to their homes. Metal buildings are stronger compared to brick or wooden walls. These buildings have more strength to endure harsh conditions or weather. They are flexible. They don’t easily bend or twist due to extreme pressure. They are also mildew and mold resistant, as well as termites. If you want your valuable vehicles protected from damages that may be caused by natural disasters, metal buildings can do all that. 

Metal carports, RV covers, metal garages, metal horse barns, and metal buildings come in a range of sizes and can be utilized for a plethora of functions beyond offering shelter for recreational vehicles. Other options consist of the setup and usage of carports as boat slipcovers and farming usages such as shelter for farm devices and animals.

Metal buildings can bear greater loads since the structural parts which are attached by high strength nuts and bolts do not contract or broaden with temperature level variations which compromise the stability of wood elements over time. Extra damage from warping, termites, and dry rot, which are a daily event in wood structures, is unheard of in steel buildings. We provide expert set up as part of our carport and metal building bundles.

The ease of dis-assembling metal RV covers enables structures to be utilized for numerous and momentary usages such as safeguarding a celebration, offering winter season security for animals, or to be moved from place to place.

Metal RV carports can be tailored to practically any specs you can possibly imagine. These plans can likewise be updated and/or personalized with end closures, side panels, extra storage, insulation, and lots of other alternatives. Outside upgrades can consist of numerous color options, tailored roofing choices, doors, trims, and windows.

Metal garages are generally much cheaper than their wood counterparts and can be utilized to broaden square video for a house or organization for a portion of typical expenses. Funding terms can set up supply extra versatility.

Steel carports are able to withstand weather conditions such as snow, rain, and strong winds. Stainless steel frames prevent the existence of rust. Steel carports are also fire resistant. Your mind will be put at ease knowing that your cars and other valuables are protected all year round.

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No more space in your garage for more cars? Are your vehicles exposed to extreme and damaging weather conditions? Metal carport is the solution to all these and more. Imagine how troublesome it would be to renovate your home in order to expand your garage? Just think how much it would cost for you to do that. With steel carports, you are given an affordable option, without the hassle. 

Steel carports and garages can be made into different styles and sizes. We have ready-made carports that can easily be installed next to your home or in your backyard. The typical ones are around 12 feet broad, 21 feet long and 5 feet high. Other options include gable end at the front, back, and even for both sides of the building. This enhances the atheistic appeal of the carport and increases its curb appeal. A great choice if the carport is right beside your house or is plainly noticeable from the street. With Carports Outlet of Texas, delivery and installation are done for you!

If you want it to be built according to your taste and style, you can have your metal garages custom built. Choose from a variety of roof and eave styles. Add a loft to store your unused items. Coordinate the color or your steel garage with your home to make it more attractive. The possibility is endless! Just tell us what you want and we will build it just for you!

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Before buying a metal carport, RV covers, metal garage, metal horse barn or metal building, do your research first. If you already know what you want, see what is available out there. Choose a company that excels in providing the best quality metal buildings. Make sure that they are fully capable of fulfilling your needs. Companies like Carports Outlet of Texas can make the buying, up until the installation, easy for you. They can guide you if you are on a roadblock about what type of metal building you should have. Along with choosing the best steel carport company, make sure you have these guidelines in mind.

Decide what type of steel carport you prefer. A standard carport can protect your cars from harsh elements brought about by different seasons. You can also decide if it should be enclosed, with roll-up doors. A carport with a combo unit is perfect if you have unused items that are taking up space in your home. The type of carport you will buy should be on par with what your needs are. 

If you have a large yard or extra space in your home, you can have your carports installed there. If not, you need to visualize where you will position the portable carport. Take into account overhead trees and power lines that might serve as an obstruction. Standard carports can be as high as 6 feet. The height of the roof also adds to its height. You can discuss the size and dimension of your carport with the consultants to avoid having one that may be too high or too short.

Some roof styles to choose from are Boxed Eave style, A Frame style and Vertical style. Vertical styles can shed particles, water and show easily. Boxed and A Frame style can make your carport more attractive. Those two styles are a lot similar to the Vertical style. The only difference is that the panels are horizontal instead of vertical. 

Will you be installing your carport in the ground or concrete? Installing a carport on concrete is easier since that can already serve as its base. If you are installing it on grass or gravel, it would require anchors to be added. Ask about what anchor options you can choose from.

When you have all these considerations decided upon, then it is time to talk to our expert consultants and start planning out your metal carports!


Cars and other vehicles are valuable investments that you want to last a long time. Who doesn’t? Leaving them outside at the mercy of harmful elements can cause a lot of damage. You need to give your cars a good home too.

The benefits of metal carports make them the best choice if you want a structure that will last a long time.


Metal RV carports come in a range of sizes and can be utilized for a lot of functions besides housing your car. Carports can be storage for your equipment, boats, and even farm animals.


Metal garages do not easily deteriorate even at extreme temperatures. They also are not prone to warping and rotting compared to wood structures. The superior quality of metal carports will ensure that you can use it for years to come.


The ease of installing and reinstalling a steel carport makes it easy to be moved from one place to another. If you are planning to move out in the future, you can take the steel building with you.


Metal carports, RV covers, metal garages, metal horse barns, and metal buildings are generally much cheaper than their wood counterparts. There are also flexible financing options that you can avail of for steel carports.


High quality and strength are what steel carports are all about. If you want to have a sturdy structure that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, then steel buildings should be your choice.